Frequently Asked Questions

I’m currently watching a concert and I need assistance.

Please email us directly at for help.

My concert is freezing or buffering, what can I do?

This is most often caused by an insufficient internet connection for live or on demand video streaming. We suggest a minimum download speed of 7Mbps (megabits per second) for HD video, though 12Mbps is the recommended. You can check your speed here.

Why am I not seeing the video, just a black screen?

This is likely because of software on your computer or a browser addon blocking the video technology used by many streaming platforms, including BroadwayWorld Events.

We highly recommend completely removing your ad blocker and ANY browser extensions or add ons as they often interfere with video security.

If you’re unable to see the video in your browser, we also recommend opening the concert in an incognito tab or switching to a different browser for the duration of the event. (Completely clearing your cache, history, and cookies should also work.)

My concert is starting and I don’t know how to watch!

Please see the information below, but if you are in need of immediate assistance during a live concert, email We answer almost immediately during live events. Please keep your eyes on your inbox.

How do I access my streaming link?

To access your streaming links, just head over to and user the username and password you created to login to your account.

If you don’t remember this information, just click forgot password and enter either your username OR email address. It will send information to your inbox.

We will also email streaming links to you before the concert.

Can more than one person watch on one account?

Only one user can watch on one tab, screen, or device per account. If you’re with a friend in the same room, you could watch together on the same screen – but you can’t share your links or logins.

Two streams should not be purchased on one account.

I missed my live event! Can I watch it another time?

Live events are like a Broadway show or a concert – they only happen at the posted times and after that they are not available for replay or otherwise.

How can I watch on my TV?

If you have a compatible mobile device, laptop, and the related TV streaming box/stick/AppleTV, with the appropriate connection speeds you may be able to cast your entire fullscreen tab to your TV. We’re not able to provide support for specific devices as these are manufactured and supported by third parties.

I am using Google Chrome, Opera, or Firefox and my event is not loading, I just see a spinning wheel. What do I do?

Please make sure you have no plugins or add-ons on your browser. A number of plugins use video which prevent protected videos from loading. Known plugins with issues include HTML5 Autoplay. Please make sure you do not have any add-ons installed.

How long is my event?

All events have time estimates posted –  a start and end time. The end time is just an estimate – since events are all live or recorded live and on sale before they are filmed and edited. We do not guarantee the length of any event and all running times are subject to change without notice.

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